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Price show are a guide only and may change depending on your specific requirements. Kindly get in touch for an accurate quote.
Minimum order is £ 50.
Contact us for a personalized offer.

Parcels Prices

Monthly fee subscription £0 / month
Receiving goods + visual inspection & photo with damaged products
Info about the product expiration date, size and weight
7 days Storage until 1 CBM
Prepare for shipping
Booking for collection with UPS
£0.20 / unit
Return from Amazon (use our UK address for removals) £15 / month
Pictures with the products for unlock category £10 / product

New carton box – size:

    • small (40x40x40) – £3
    • medium ( 61x46x46cm) – £3.50
    • large (61x61x61cm) – £4.5
Apply FNSKU Label (or other labels) £0.15 / unit

Poly-bag with suffocation warnings:

    • standard – £0.25 / unit
    • oversized products over 40cm – contact us

Bubble wrapping

    • standard – £0.50 / unit
    • oversized products over 40cm – contact us
Bundling (all inclusive: pack for max. 4 units + polybag + FNSKU label, + £0.10 for any extra unit) £0.50 / bundle

Extra Fee for non-standard products:

    • oversize (40-60cm)
    • overweight (1 – 3kg)
    • overprices (£40 – £100)
    • electronics & electrical (personalises quote depending on the product)
£0.5 / product
Forwarding parcels (only for parcels that will not be opened for product prep and will but sent directly to amazon)
Maximum units per box: 25 products;
£0.15 per product for any extra unit.
£5 / unit
Storage medium & large period (1 CMB is the minimum volume that can be reserved) £30 / month per 1 CBM

Pallet Prices

Pallet “all-inclusive” offer:
Shipping pallet from our depot to UK Amazon FBA depot, including Amazon standard size pallet (120 x 100 cm), parcels labelling and palletizing, wrapping foil, outside pallet shipping labels, Amazon booking, BOL ( bill of lading) – Amazon maximum weight/height: 500 kg / 180 cm
£75 / pallet
Standard individual services for pallets: 
Unloading or loading pallet£5 / pallet
Amazon standard size pallet cost (120 x 100 cm)£8 / pallet
Parcels labelling and palletizing£0.2 / box
Wrapping foil & outside pallet shipping labels£4 / pallet
Amazon Booking£8 / pallet
BOL (bill of lading): edit and printing£4 / bill


Remember, it is your responsibility to determinate the type of preparation required to prepare and ship your units to Amazon Fulfilment centers.
For QUALITY CHECK, price will be made depending on the complexity of the product.
All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%
Storage fees are applicable after 7 days and charged at £1 per CBM per day. Minimum fee is £30.
Free storage not applicable to orders of over 1 CBM, these will be charged a daily rate after 48 hours.